Thursday, May 01, 2008

Walk-Out on Pro-Homosexual 'Day of Silence' Extremely Successful

From "Walk-out on Pro-Homosexual 'Day of Silence' Extremely Successful" by Linda Harvey, posted at

On Friday, April 25, students in hundreds of schools throughout the U.S. remained home in protest over the pro-homosexual ‘Day of Silence.’

The six-week campaign by a coalition of pro-family groups set out to inform parents about this radical, misleading event, and it was very successful. “Because of the efforts of numerous national and state groups, we believe thousands of parents and educators who were previously unaware of the ‘homosexual agenda’ directed toward students, are now well- informed and motivated,” said Linda Harvey, president of Mission America, the group which hosted a national list of participating schools on its web site at .

The Day of Silence, now in its twelfth year, draws attention to students involved in or supporting homosexual, bisexual and cross-gender behaviors, through silent protest on one designated day each year. Sponsored by GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, the stated goal of the DOS is to protest discrimination, bullying and intolerance. “In reality, the protest attempts to tag along with legitimate causes and gain sympathy among impressionable youth for immoral, high–risk behaviors while demonizing opponents,” Harvey said. “It’s divisive, deceptive and totally inappropriate in a school setting. Because of this, we encouraged parents to keep their children home if the school was sponsoring or encouraging the Day of Silence.”

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How very encouraging! Parents are beginning to speak out against public school officials allowing our classrooms to be used as a platform to advance the homosexual rights movement. The message is being heard...

Let's pray that God will continue to raise up more vigilant parents who are willing to stand up against the promotion homosexuality to their children and others.