Friday, November 30, 2007

Indecent Commercials During NFL Games

What's a parent to do when you can't even watch a football game with your children without worrying about inappropriate content?

From "IFI E-Alert: Sign the Petition -- Ask the NFL to Prohibit Indecent Commercials During Games" posted 11/29/07 at Illinois Family Institute

A few months ago, I wrote an open letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, asking him to please help "raise the standard and do what [he] can to eliminate the indecent content aired during NFL games."

As you may remember, my original letter pointed to the sad fact that a number of advertisements and network promotional spots that are aired during NFL game breaks are completely inappropriate -- especially for the younger members of the viewing audience. The fact is, far too many of these ads are indecent and/or sexually suggestive.

With more than half the season behind us now, I am again openly appealing to Commissioner Goodell: please consider your entire fan base when licensing your programs to television networks.

Here are just a few examples of indecent commercials that have aired on the FOX and CBS networks during NFL game broadcasts:

On September 9th, FOX broadcast the season opener of the Chicago Bears vs. San Diego Chargers. During the game, FOX aired a promo for the season premier of their program "'Til Death." The discussion in this promo centered on a woman's cleavage. Ironically, the clip used to promote this program has the husband complaining about his wife's exposure saying, "I've noticed that it is hard for people to focus when having a conversation with you, what with the two bald-headed gentlemen struggling to get out of your chest." He also points directly at her breasts and says, "Let's talk about Mt. Inappropriate.
[Click HERE to view actual footage of the latter two examples. **Not recommended**]

Read the rest of this article and please consider taking some action.