Monday, December 03, 2007

Planned Parenthood Announces Good News in Fight Against Teen Abstinence

Read what Planned Parenthood Illinois had to say about the state defunding an effective abstinence-only program......

From "Good news in fight against abstinence-only sex ed" posted 11/27/07 at Planned Parenthood Action Illinois

Earlier this month, Illinois Review, a conservative blog announced that funding for Project Reality has been cut from the state budget. This is a great step toward getting young people medically-accurate information about sex and how to protect themselves from STDs and unplanned pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood really believes that 'medically-accurate information about sex and how to protect themselves from STDs" has been effective for our children against disease and devastation - despite the fact that, although we are swimming in condoms, STDs are now at an all time high among both teens and the American population at large...

In order to understand this you must understand that the people at Planned Parenthood base their opinion on the assumption that young people are 'going to do it anyway' - despite the fact that in days gone by, when society expected chastity from teens - most teens were chaste.

Chastity is quite simply seen as an unreasonable expectation by the people at Planned Parenthood - despite the obvious and profound benefits to both individuals and society - especially children. Here's the bottom line: once we made the mistake of allowing morality to be jettisoned from the discussion, even the catastrophic consequences of teen sex became an insufficient reason to promote abstinence.

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