Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Daddy's Name is Donor

From "My Daddy's Name is Donor?" by Albert Mohler, posted 12/17/07 at albertmohler.com

The t-shirt on the toddler is meant to be an attention-getter . . . and it is. A picture of the boy wearing the t-shirt appeared first in the Chicago Tribune but now also in The Times [London]. The t-shirt reads, "My daddy's name is Donor."

As Catherine Bruton of The Times explains:

The T-shirt is offered by a company called Family Evolutions, founded by a lesbian couple whose son modelled the shirt. The co-founder, Stacey Harris, says that the T-shirt is empowering. "We want to lift the taboo surrounding donor conception so that kids don't feel that their coming into the world is a shameful secret," she says. "Kids who are empowered will grow up well-adjusted."

The "empowering" t-shirt is intended to mainstream the idea that the male agent in procreation now no longer deserves even a name. The sale of sperm is now so commonplace that it is now just one more consumer good -- and an increasing number of consumers are single women and lesbian couples who share an intention to have babies without a husband.

...This becomes all too clear when reports now indicate that a majority of those requesting and using Artificial Insemination by Donor [AID] are now single women and lesbian couples. A quick survey of the situation in major metropolitan areas will make that pretty clear. Sperm banks are now big business.

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