Monday, June 12, 2006

"That's just District 214 - it's not like that at our high school"

That's what most parents think - even good parents - because they just don't realize what's happening. It's not just in District 214, but in schools across this nation.

Check out Poison in our Libraries. Here are some of the books to which parents have objected:
  • It's Perfectly Normal, aimed at elementary age students.
  • Push, the story of a young girl who is pregnant with her father's child.
  • A book advertised as being "the most controversial young adult novel ever," which describes an adolescent boy's love affair with a teacher and two teens who become addicted to heroin. That book won an award as "an outstanding book for children."
  • Choke, another sexually explicit book once featured in Playboy magazine
  • Girl Interrupted, "a book about an 18-year-old who ends up in a mental asylum and has a number of conversations with mentally disturbed people -- conversations of the most graphic sort, especially sexually...The f-word [appears] 30 times on one page, and this is being given to freshmen in high school as literature."

The article will inform you about the troubling role of the American Library Association and provides six questions that a parent can ask a principal or school administrator - so ask them!