Monday, June 12, 2006

Feedback from a District 214 Father

It was actually a father from District 214 that brought to my attention the Dennis Byrne commentary posted below. Thought you'd be interested to hear his own remarks:

In conversations with my teens and their friends this weekend, I saw something emerging that I never noticed before. We had 8-10 teens in our living room and I asked them what they thought about the assassination of al-Zarqawi. Not a single one of them knew who he was! However, all of them knew the positions of at least one of their teachers had taken on this “book ban” issue; and many of these students were familiar with the positions of 2 or 3 of their teachers.

I find this quote from the Daily Herald curious: “It didn’t have to be orchestrated. It didn’t have to be manipulated,” John Hersey High School English division head Chuck Venegoni said. “They have minds of their own.”

It seems as though some of our educators choose to indoctrinate instead of teach.