Monday, June 19, 2006

Freedom of Speech?

Valedictorian Brittany McComb was determined to include references to Jesus Christ and to the Bible in her graduation speech. But high school officials were even more determined to deny her the right to speak. They first edited her speech, then cut off the microphone when she proceeded to use her own words.
Allen Lichtenstein, general counsel for the ACLU of Nevada, had read the
unedited version of McComb's speech and said district officials did the right
thing by cutting McComb's speech short because her commentary promoted religion.
Interesting - I didn't hear anything from Mr. Lichtenstein after discovering that the Unitarian Church was promoting its pro-homosexual religious views on Prospect High School's website. Apparently only the religious speech of Christians is restricted...
Lichtenstein said that position was supported by two decisions by the 9th U.S.
Circuit Court of Appeals, in 2000 and 2003.
The 9th Circuit, you say? What a surprise...NOT.