Thursday, June 22, 2006

Queer Curriculum

Queer history and historical figures, the presence of positive queer role models -- past and present -- the contributions made by queers to various epochs, societies and civilizations and legal issues relating to (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) people, same-sex marriage and adoption.
That's the curriculum that homosexual activist Murray Corren envisions for Canadian schools...and it is the curriculum that will be implemented in British Columbia because, after homosexual partners Peter and Murray Corren filed a human rights complaint alleging "systemic sexual discrimination," they were awarded an unprecedented contract whereby they will exert influence over the development of a pro-homosexual curriculum for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Even more disconcerting (if that's possible?),
Murray Corren has also said that stricter regulations preventing parents from removing their children from the classroom when homosexuality or other similar issues are being discussed, will also likely be introduced under the new curriculum. The Correns have long been fighting against the right of parents to discern when and how their children learn about issues pertaining to sexuality.
Friends, if we don't get serious here in the US, this is the curriculum our own children will be subjected to - and we won't have an opt-out right either.

(For more on this story, see this LifeSite article.)