Thursday, June 29, 2006

Comprehensive Sex Ed

Open Letter to Arne Duncan, CEO, Chicago Public Schools
June 27, 2006

Re: Comprehensive Sex Education

Based on a report that 50% of Chicago high school students are sexually active, you do have a valid concern. Is “comprehensive sex education” an effective response?

I predict that with “comprehensive sex education” in place you will soon find that 75% of Chicago high school students are sexually active. What will you do then?

After sacrificing more of your students to the false concept of “safe sex” as pushed by Planned Parenthood, will you admit that the real solution is abstinence education?

Why not get serious about abstinence education now so you can avoid sacrificing more of your students to premature sexual activity, teen pregnancy, abortion, and psychological damage for life?

“Comprehensive sex education” does not measure up to the claims made for it by Planned Parenthood, the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health, and SIECUS. A serious review of their materials described as “comprehensive sex education” reveals that abstinence is not a serious component. The mention of abstinence is so frivolous that it serves only to support the false claim that “teaching a strong abstinence message” is included. Teens recognize immediately that abstinence is minimized as unrealistic.

In fact the entire focus is teaching that sexual activity is always OK as long as it is consensual and “safe.” The primary step suggested to practice “safe sex” is “always use a condom.” This approach is guaranteed to encourage more sexual activity, more teen pregnancies, and more abortions.

Teenagers educated in “safe sex” will need birth control supplies, pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment, emergency contraception, and abortion. These are the exact services that Planned Parenthood sells. What interest would they have in “teaching a strong abstinence message” that makes these services totally unnecessary? Any teenager who accepts abstinence will not become a customer of Planned Parenthood.

“Comprehensive sex education” has a negative impact on the lives of young people. It encourages teens to disrespect their parents, become sexually active, use birth control products that threaten their health, and get abortions when they become pregnant anyway. This completes the cycle of destruction that destroys young lives and devastates their families.

The evidence that “comprehensive sex education” fails is readily available. I have provided copies of and/or links to such evidence below.

Reverse course now before it is too late. Cancel the plan to use “comprehensive sex education” in the Chicago Public Schools. The only reliable solution to reduce sexual activity among Chicago high school students is teaching a true abstinence message.

William Beckman
Executive Director
Illinois Right to Life Committee
65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60601