Friday, April 11, 2014

Man Dressed as Woman Teacher OKd for Texas Elem.

The Lumberton, Texas school superintendent has dismissed concerns of local parents that Kurt Klug, 52 (a.k.a Laura Jane Klug) should not be a substitute teacher at an elementary school while he's dressed as a woman.  After last night's school board meeting, Klug's three-day suspension was lifted for the sake of political correctness.
"If students are sent home over dress code, why keep a man in the hallways who dresses as a woman?"
-- Concerned parent
For background, read how the Gay Agenda permeates public schools with "transgender rights" and read how it impacts every citizen of America.

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-- From "Transgender teacher to remain a substitute" by Cassie Smith, Beaumont Enterprise 4/11/14

Thirteen people addressed the school board during a regularly scheduled meeting Thursday night about the her [his] suspension. . . .

Superintendent John Valastro said after the meeting that no decision would be made in open session because the item was not on that night's school board agenda.

Chip Darby, who is with the radio station Freedom 1300, said that the supporters of Klug were attempting to bully the school board. Each parent has the right to determine at what age it is appropriate for children to be exposed to certain things, Darby said.

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From "Transgender teacher suspended from job" by Leslie Rangel, KFDM-TV (CBS Channel 6 Beaumont, TX) 4/9/14

CBS affiliate KFDM spoke with the teacher, who says she [he] is a recent hire to the district and has been told she [he] will find out if she [he] gets to keep her [his] job later this week.

Laura Jane Klug says she [he] was subbing for a 5th grade teacher at Lumberton ISD last Thursday when she [he] first found out there had been an issue with her [him] being transgender.

Some concerned parents had come to KFDM, saying they were worried that their child had been supervised by a teacher who was transgender. They say they have no problem with the teacher herself [himself], just that she [he] might be confusing 11-year-olds regarding their own identities.

Texas state law does not protect employees based on their sexual orientation or identity.

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From "Man-turning-woman substitute teacher suspended" by John Griffing, World Net Daily 4/9/14

A school district in Texas that made the news when students were told to wear Muslim burqas as part of their lessons now is in the headlines with a man-turned-woman substitute teacher who enraged parents of fifth-graders.

One community member identified as Barbara McIntosh Mcewin said on social media, Klug’s class “spent more time staring at him” than taking their test “so he was pulled out for hall duty.”

On Facebook, Klug has readily revealed worries and concerns, stating at one point: “My ex-wife has a boyfriend in California and is visiting him right now. I am feeding her dog (was ours) and mowing the grass (she pays me a little) My lease is up at the end of this month, I don’t want to stay in this area. My ex want (sic) me to rent her (used to be our) house. As affordable as she is making it, I can not live there, the memories of happier times are to (sic) painful to bear.”

Klug continued: “I pray with all my heart and might to God thru Jesus, but He has yet to answer me.”

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From "Will transgender teacher get to keep her job?" by Cassie Smith, Beaumont Enterprise 4/10/14

[At the school board meeting] Crowds of people, many of whom wore purple shirts or even purple hair dye, spilled into the hallways of the Lumberton administration building after coming out to support Laura Klug.

“I really wish this hadn’t come out," Klug said Thursday night. "It’s nobody’s business."

In a Facebook group aimed at supporting her employment, Klugg wrote: "I can tell just how passionate you are for the equal treatment of not only me, but all LGBT people in this area. That is all I seek, Equal Rights."

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