Friday, April 04, 2014

Obama to Generals: Back My Gay Military, or Resign

In a recently uncovered video, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp said that in 2010, President Obama summoned the commanders of all five branches of the military and gave them an ultimatum regarding the President's Gay Agenda for the military:
“We were called into the Oval Office and President Obama looked all five service chiefs in the eye and said, ‘This is what I want to do.’ I cannot divulge everything he said to us, that’s private communications within the Oval Office, but if we didn’t agree with it — if any of us didn’t agree with it — we all had the opportunity to resign our commissions and go do other things.”

UPDATE 7/28/15: Gay Agenda Destroys Everything it Contacts

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-- From "Admiral: Obama Told Military Leaders to Accept Gays In Military Or Step Down" by Ellie Hall, BuzzFeed (posted at

In a video obtained by BuzzFeed via a Freedom of Information Act request, Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Robert Papp revealed that Obama was unwilling to compromise with service leaders over DADT [Don't Ask, Don't Tell] during a meeting in 2010. . . .

In a 2008 interview [see excerpts in next article below], then-Senator Obama told The Advocate that he wouldn’t make support of DADT “a litmus test” for his military leaders. “What I want are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are making decisions based on what strengthens our military and what is going to make us safer, not ideology.”

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From "Obama Talks All Things LGBT With The Advocate" by Kerry Eleveld, The Advocate 12/23/2008

[Eleveld: Regarding] “don’t ask, don’t tell” real quick -- you’ve said before you don’t think that’s a heavy lift. Of course, it would be if you had Joint Chiefs who were against repeal. Is that something you’ll look at?

[President Obama:] I would never make this a litmus test for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Obviously, there are so many issues that a member of the Joint Chiefs has to deal with, and my paramount obligation is to get the best possible people to keep America safe. But I think there’s increasing recognition within the Armed Forces that this is a counterproductive strategy -- ya know, we’re spending large sums of money to kick highly qualified gays or lesbians out of our military, some of whom possess specialties like Arab-language capabilities that we desperately need. That doesn’t make us more safe, and what I want are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are making decisions based on what strengthens our military and what is going to make us safer, not ideology.

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From "Obama told us to fall in line on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ or resign: Coast Guard Commandant" by Dustin Siggins, 4/2/14

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, who served as a senior military aide to Clinton from 1996 to 1998, said, "[President] Clinton tried this same threat in the 1990s, but he ran into Colin Powell, who headed the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time." The compromise that was created became DADT.

"I've heard from military contacts that President Obama did indeed make this threat," said Patterson, who said he would reach out to sources to verify Papp's claims.

Retired Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu told LifeSiteNews that "if [Papp's statement is] true and verified, that's almost a form of command intimidation and blackmail, which seems very unprofessional to me."

Cucullu, who served in Vietnam and was a Green Beret, said there was an enormous difference between a president giving an ultimatum "us[ing] the military as a Petri dish for social experimentation" and "a critical aspect of national security."

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From "Support 'gays' in ranks or quit, chiefs told" posted at World Net Daily 4/3/14

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, told WND on Thursday, “Falls in line with his previous behavior that he’s above the law. He’s acting again like an imperial president.”

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, a recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, told WND that Obama’s agenda is decimating the morale of the U.S. ranks to the point that members no longer feel prepared to fight or have the desire to win.

Not only are military service members being demoralized and the ranks’ overall readiness reduced by the Obama administration’s purge of key leaders, but colonels – who are lined up in rank to replace outgoing generals – are quietly taking their careers in other directions, sources confirm.

Retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, who was a founding member of Delta Force and later deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence under President George W. Bush, says it is worrying that four-star generals are being retired at the rate that has occurred under Obama.

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From "Sailors leaving Navy over stress on social issues, Top Gun instructor says" by Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times 3/25/14

A Navy F-18 fighter pilot and former Top Gun instructor . . . Cmdr. Guy Snodgrass, until recently a Pentagon speech writer for the chief of naval operations, Adm. Jonathan Greenert, said sailors are becoming fed-up with the constant emphasis on social issues — an apparent reference to gays in the military, women in combat and ending sexual harassment.

“Sailors continue to cite the over-focus on social issues by senior leadership, above and beyond discussions on war fighting — a fact that demoralizes junior and mid-grade officers alike,” Cmdr. Snodgrass wrote this month on the U.S. Naval Institute website, an independent forum for active and retired sailors and Marines.

Vice Adm. William Moran, deputy chief of naval operations for manpower, personnel, training and education, told The Washington Times Tuesday that he applauds Cmdr.  Snodgrass for warning that retention problems may lie ahead.

“I share many of the concerns and have similar questions raised in the paper,” Adm. Moran said. “Many have heard me on the road talk about how the Bureau of Naval Personnel, historically ‘swings behind the pitch,’ unable to nimbly react to economic and early stage retention issues. It’s not neglect, good people here trying to do the best they can with limited tools, but the fact is it has cost us in both good people and money. We have to do better, and I must say that this discourse helps.”

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