Thursday, April 17, 2014

Al Qaeda Proclaims War on Cross-U.S., Obama Silent

In a new video just surfacing showing a mob of hundreds of terrorists, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) announced jihad against Jesus Christ and named America as their principle target.  President Obama has not responded to the Islamists' declaration of war, but his State Department has downplayed the significance of the video. Earlier, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told Time Magazine that President Obama has gone too soft on al Qaida.
"We must eliminate the cross . . . the bearer of the cross is America."
-- Nasser al-Wuhaishi (Nasir al-Wuhayshi), head of AQAP
UPDATE 9/5/14: Obama's John Kerry Quotes Allah, Appoints Muslim Leader

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-- From "Yemen's al Qaeda leader vows to attack America in new video" by Yara Bayoumy, Reuters 4/16/14

The 15-minute video, dated March 2014 and posted on a website used by Islamists, shows masked men waving al Qaeda's black flag and celebrating the arrival of the freed prisoners [after an armed jailbreak].

"The Crusader enemy, dear brothers, still possesses cards which he moves around. We have to remember that we are always fighting the biggest enemy," says a man speaking in the open in a mountainous area, whom the video identifies as its leader Nasser al-Wuhaishi.

Abdulrazzaq al-Jamal, a journalist who has interviewed members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), said it was the largest known gathering of al Qaeda in Yemen.

"It included about 400 people, and these are not all the members of the group. This gathering is a confirmation that al Qaeda is gaining strength and influence," he told Reuters.

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From "Unsettling video shows large al Qaeda meeting in Yemen" by Barbara Starr, CNN Pentagon Correspondent 4/16/14

"This is quite an extraordinary video," Paul Cruickshank, CNN terrorism analyst, said.

"His message to the United States," Cruickshank said, "was very much the same as (former al Qaeda leader Osama) bin Laden's: 'We're coming after you.' "

"The U.S. intelligence community should be surprised that such a large group of al Qaeda assembled together, including the leadership, and somehow they didn't notice," said Peter Bergen, CNN national security analyst.

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, also known as AQAP, is considered the most dangerous al Qaeda affiliate. The CIA and the Pentagon have repeatedly killed AQAP leaders with drone strikes. But the group is now emboldened.

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From "State Department: Hard to discern al Qaeda strength from 'one video'" by Susan Crabtree, Washington Examiner 4/16/14

A State Department spokeswoman declined to make “generalizations” about al Qaeda's strength based on a new video that surfaced Tuesday showing what appears to be the largest and most dangerous gathering of the terror group in years.

"I don't think we can make generalizations about their strength based on one video, quite frankly," she said. "We know they've been gaining in strength. We have been increasingly concerned, as I said, since 2009. That's why we've worked increasingly to counter the threat from AQAP in a variety of different ways."

She also said the video underscores some of the points the Obama administration has been making about al Qaeda in general. President Obama and other U.S. officials have altered their assertions about al Qaeda over the two years, changing references to al Qaeda being on the run, to the "core of al Qaeda" being on a "path to defeat."

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From "New Video Footage Shows Al-Qaida Hosting Unusual Meeting in Yemen" by Divya Avasthy, International Business Times 4/16/14

Nasir al-Wuhayshi, leader of al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula. He was once the secretary of Osama Bin Laden. He escaped from a maximum security prison in Yemen in 2006 and is one of the most wanted fugitives.

Republican Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee [said] . . . "It's difficult to get [drone] assets in position. You have to know where they are and where they meet at the right time in the right place with the right equipment. That's a lot to do [without intelligence information]"

Retired General Mark Kimmitt told 'CNN Tonight' that the terror groups could pose a direct threat to the US, and it was important to plan ahead.

"The question isn't why didn't we know," he said. "The question is: What are we going to do about it?"

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From "Mike Rogers Says Obama Has Gone ‘Kinder, Gentler’ Against al-Qaeda" by Michael Crowley, Time Magazine 4/3/14

In a TIME Newsmaker interview, Rogers talked about which threats worry him most, his belief that President Barack Obama has gone too soft on al-Qaeda . . .

[Rogers told Time:]
We have other serious al-Qaeda threats that normally we would take off the battlefield, but because of this Administration’s more kinder, gentler approach we have not done that.

. . . I can tell you that there are ways that we have taken people off the battlefield that have been disruptive to their ability to plan operations, and there are cases where we are no longer doing that.

The old slogan is that Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive, and that al-Qaeda core is going away. Which is inconsistent with the facts that we know. And it concerns me that it is translated into policy. If you tell everybody that works for you that al-Qaeda’s not that big a threat, well, guess what? Their decisions will reflect that.
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