Saturday, January 11, 2014

Preacher Arrested for Talking of Sexual Sin

American evangelist Tony Miano was arrested in Dundee, Scotland when a passing woman reported to police that she was offended when she heard Miano say that Jesus Christ saves us from all kinds of sexual sins.
“The female officer saw we had a camera and lunged for it and then the male policeman grabbed it and threw it in the police van, After Tony was put in the police van I asked why he was being arrested and was told it was for a breach of the peace and for using homophobic language.”
-- Pastor Josh Williamson, Craigie Reformed Baptist Church in Perth, Scotland
For background, read of Miano's arrest in London, on July 2013

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-- From "US street preacher ‘looking forward to day in court’ after Dundee arrest" by Alan Wilson, UK Courier 1/10/14

Former Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff Anthony Miano, 49, formerly of Perth but whose address was given in court as Hogan Drive, El Valencia, California, made a brief appearance at the city’s sheriff court in front of Sheriff Kenneth McGowan and denied the charge against him.

Miano denies that, on Wednesday, at Murraygate, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner likely to cause fear and alarm and repeatedly shouted and uttered homophobic remarks.

The charges were brought under section two of the Offences (Aggravation by Prejudice) (Scotland) Act 2009 in that the offence was aggravated by prejudices relating to sexual orientation.

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From "American Street Preacher arrested again in Britain" by David C. Jennings, Canada Free Press 1/11/14

This time, according to reports Miano talked about the nature of sin; about the different sins that Jesus had come to save people from when a woman began to shout at him.  He was preaching about sin in general and when he mentioned sexual sin including adultery, promiscuity and homosexual practice, the woman shouted that her son was gay.

Unlike last year when Miano was released with a police caution, this time he was held overnight and pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a charge of ‘breach of the peace with homophobic aggravation’ before being bailed for release. He is allowed to return to the United States and but the judge ordered he must attend court again for trial on April 22nd.

Julian Mann, an Anglican Vicar who writes for The Guardian and at Cranmer’s well known blog, suggests that even if Miano had preached as he did inside a Scottish church, the authorities point of view may well have supported arresting him anyway had a parishioner made a similar complaint.

Indeed Mann goes on to speculate in ‘Cranmer’s Curate’ that “Given that most local churches are not very far from a public pavement, what reason have we to expect that servants of the Lord Jesus Christ will not be arrested for teaching the Bible in Scotland beyond too long?”

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From "Street preacher arrested and held in custody for mentioning sexual sin" posted at Christian Concern 1/9/14

[Miano] was the second of the street pastors to address lunchtime shoppers in Dundee High Street. He talked about the nature of sin . . .

[Pastor Josh Williamson] says the first woman then appeared to be calling the police on her mobile just as a council warden came along and said that while we were doing nothing wrong, and had the right to free speech, we should move on.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre, says the incident raises serious questions about police procedure and understanding of the law in dealing with such incidents.

She adds that the Christian Legal Centre is ready to serve anyone who is challenged for expressing their Christian beliefs.

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