Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Calif. Teacher Says Jesus Not Allowed in Christmas

The classroom assignment given to first graders at Helen Hunt-Jackson Elementary School in Temecula Valley, California was for students to stand before the class and tell of a Christmas tradition in their family, but when Brynn Williams mentioned Jesus as "the Savior of the world," the teacher interrupted Brynn and told her to stop such talk and take her seat.
“The disapproval and hostility that Christian students have come to experience in our nation’s public schools has become epidemic. I hope that TVUSD will take the lead role in adopting a model policy to prohibit this abuse that has become all too common place for religious-minded students.”
-- Robert Tyler, General Counsel for Advocates for Faith & Freedom
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-- From "1st-Grader’s Christmas Presentation Allegedly Cut Short For Citing Bible Verse" by CBS News Los Angeles 1/14/14

In response to the assignment, student Brynn Williams took the “Star of Bethlehem” ornament from the top of her family’s Christmas tree “to represent her family’s tradition of remembering why Christmas is celebrated,” and worked diligently on a one-minute presentation in order to explain to the class that her family’s tradition is to remember the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas time, attorneys said.

The following day, attorneys say Brynn began her presentation with the following statement: “Our Christmas tradition is to put a star on top of our tree. The star is named the Star of Bethlehem. The 3 kings followed the star to find baby Jesus, the Savior of the world. John…”

According to attorneys, at that point during the presentation, Brynn’s teacher said, “Stop right there! Go take your seat!” and Brynn was not allowed to finish her presentation, which included reciting a Bible verse from the Gospel of John, John 3:16.

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From "Teacher Tells First Grader: You’re Not Allowed To Talk About Bible In School" posted at Albany (Oregon) Tribune News 1/14/14

On Wednesday, December 18, 2013, Brynn Williams brought home a “share” bag as part of a school assignment. Brynn’s teacher had given every child in her class a canvas bag with verbal instructions to find something at home that represents a family Christmas tradition, put it in the bag, bring it to school, and be prepared to share the family tradition.

. . . Brynn was the only student not allowed to finish her one-minute presentation. After Brynn took her seat, the teacher explained to Brynn in front of all the other students that she was not allowed to talk about the Bible or share its verses.

Advocates for Faith & Freedom sent a demand letter to the Temecula Valley Unified School District demanding that a new policy be adopted to prohibit school officials from expressing disapproval or hostility toward religion or toward religious viewpoints expressed by students. The letter also demands that TVUSD provide a written apology and allow Brynn the opportunity to complete her speech during class.

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From "First grader told to stop talking about Bible" by Todd Starnes, 1/14/14

“She thought she had done something wrong,” [Brynn's mother Gina Williams] told me. “She thought she was in trouble. I told her she was not in trouble and I was proud of her. I tried to comfort her on the way home.”

The following day Williams met with the principal.

“The principal confirmed that Brynn’s teacher did the appropriate thing by stopping her mid-presentation and there are specific education codes that protect the school,” Williams said.

The principal reportedly told her that Brynn could write about her beliefs in a journal but she was not allowed to share her beliefs aloud to any other student.

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