Monday, January 06, 2014

Taxpayers Want Prayer Back at AZ School Board Mtgs

Since the Mesa (Arizona) Public Schools eliminated prayer from the Board meetings in November out of fear of atheist lawsuits, citizens have forced school officials to reconsider reinstating prayer.
“This is not San Francisco or New York or Caracas ... Here we still believe in and, in fact, revere the U.S. Constitution, especially the First Amendment. The only reason I can think of why you are doing so is fear of a lawsuit from the ACLU or its allies. What do you think our Founding Fathers would say about that kind of cowering fear?”
-- Frank Kessler, citizen
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UPDATE 1/16/14: Board votes unanimously for prayer before meetings (see excerpts below)

-- From "Mesa school board ends opening-prayer custom" by Cathryn Creno, The Arizona Republic 11/14/13

The Mesa Public Schools governing board has quietly ended its tradition of starting public meetings with a non-denominational prayer.

Instead, board President Mike Nichols on Tuesday asked audience members to observe a moment of silence after saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Nichols and board member Michelle Udall said Mesa schools' legal counsel recently advised that if the district were to be sued over the prayer said by district staff before public meetings, the district likely would lose.

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From "Mesa Public Schools Board may reconsider permitting prayer at board meetings" by Cathryn Creno, The Arizona Republic 1/2/14

Board Clerk Mike Hughes said he expects board members to consider reinstating the prayer by inviting a wide range of religious leaders to share their traditions at the start of meetings.

Until Nov. 12, Mesa was one of the few districts to still feature a prayer on meeting agendas. The Chandler Unified School District ended the practice last year and opted for a moment of reflection after an Arizona School Boards Association law conference suggested that boards avoid prayers to prevent lawsuits.

Although the board held no public discussion about canceling the prayer, members have received 20 e-mails from district residents and others who oppose the move. . . . Neither district spokeswoman Helen Hollands nor board secretary Alice Swinehart had received comments in support of the moment of silence [substitute for prayer] before district offices closed for winter break on Dec. 23.

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UPDATE 1/16/14: From "Prayer returns to Mesa Public Schools governing board meetings" by Cathryn Creno, The Arizona Republic

The five-member board voted unanimously this week in favor of a new policy to invite leaders from a variety of Mesa religious organizations, including churches, synagogues and mosques, to pray before the start of meetings.

The prayer will be part of a new pre-meeting program, which will include the Pledge of Allegiance and entertainment by student musicians, planned to start on Feb. 11.

[Board member Michelle Udall said,] “Prayer helps set the tone for the deliberations that are to follow. Our Founding Fathers clearly did not intend for prayer to be banished from public meetings. Those who do not wish to participate are always allowed to refrain.”

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Because of the intimidation tactics of atheist lawyer organizations, state governments across America are educating its citizens on constitutional religious liberty by passing laws in Texas, and Louisiana, and North Carolina, and South Carolina, and Missouri, and Mississippi, and Florida, and Tennessee.

The root issue is American Religious Liberty vs. Anti-Christian Totalitarianism

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