Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Texas School Trains 12-year-olds in Oral, Anal Sex

Houston area parents are outraged that their Cy-Fair Independent School District chose to update its decades-old sex education curriculum with a new program that teaches 7th graders how to perform alternative sex acts, while giving "lip service" to the far less exciting choice of abstinence.
“I think it’s soft porn when they have a girl on the couch and she says, ‘Let me help you put the condom on.’ They’re teaching them oral, anal and vaginal sex. They’re teaching them all kinds of sex. They’re not focusing on abstinence.”
-- Mayte Weitzman, parent
For background, read School Sexualization Standards by NEA, Abortionists and also read NY Schools Teach Sex Performance Techniques as well as Oral Sex no Longer 'Safe'

-- From "Parents voice concerns about sex ed program" posted at KPRC-TV2 (Houston) 10/8/12

Parents, passionate about the introduction of the new sex-ed curriculum, spoke up at Monday night's Cy-Fair ISD board meeting.

"There's role playing, where they call your kids up in science class and have your student come on to the other student, and the science teacher walks the student through the moral implications of how far is too far," said Linda Gallier, a mother who does not support the program. "It just over steps some boundaries, and claims to support a decrease in sexual activity, but actually it promotes the 'how to.'"

But district officials said this curriculum was chosen because it's proven to work, and right now in the district, pregnancy rates are on the rise.

They also told parents if they aren't comfortable with the content, their children do not have to participate.

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From "Parents in Houston Are Speaking Out About Sex Ed" by Dawn Wise, WJBF-TV6 (Augusta, GA) 10/9/12

Parents say the class includes teaching students about the different methods of sex, and how to buy the right condoms.

At a school board meeting last night, some parents said that this type of teaching will make their children want to engage in sexual activity.

No word yet if the curriculum will be modified.

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From "Graphic Middle School Sex Class Outrages Parents" by Todd Starnes, Fox News 10/9/12

The new curriculum is called, “It’s Your Game, Keep It Real,” – a program that includes real-life scenarios about condoms. School officials did not return calls for comment – but they told parents that the program was selected because it has a proven record.

Several parents told Fox News that the information booklets provided [to parents] by the school district did not indicate the graphic nature of the classroom instruction nor did it mention the level of detail.

Some of the video was so graphic that a Houston television station was unable to air footage from the curriculum, [parent Christine] Kalmbach said.

School officials told local reporters that parents were given the choice of opting their children out of the sex education class. However, a copy of the permission slip sent to parents does not give them that choice.

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