Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Students Take Sex Ed to Dance - Teachers Shocked?

Administrators at Middletown High School in Rhode Island halted the homecoming dance when students performed sexually explicit "dancing."  It must be noted that the students' behavior is consistent with a curriculum that doesn't encourage sexual restraint, but rather teaches sex performance techniques.
"When we have our young girls, on the floor, on all fours, with their dresses hiked up and young men behind them, that's not something we condone."
-- Rosemary Kraeger, Middletown Superintendent of Schools
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-- From "Schools defend decision to end dance over student grinding" posted at WPRO radio (Providence, RI) 10/16/12

Kraeger said that the offending students were being disrespectful, yelled out obscenities and then conducted a sit-in on the dance floor after being told to stop grinding, or dancing very closely.

Some parents tell the Middletown Patch which first reported the story, that they were never notified of the premature end to the dance. Kraeger tells WPRO that parents were advised that the youngsters were being sent home.

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From "Middletown High homecoming dance canceled over 'grinding' protest" by Richard Salit, Providence Journal 10/15/12

Kraeger said the policy banning such sexually suggestive dancing is in the student handbook for the first time this year, and students were informed of it prior to the dance. Many signed a petition opposing the ban.

Some of the 410 students at the dance cursed the principal and began to develop a "mob mentality" that threatened safety, Kraeger said. Pleas from the principal and the senior class president did not calm the students and the dance was suspended.

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From "Middletown Students Protest Homecoming Grinding Policy" by Olga Enger, Portsmouth Patch 10/15/12

According to a MHS Senior, Principal Gail Abromitis made an announcement at lunch that "grinding" would not be tolerated at the dance.  The student said she has attended many dances throughout her four years at the school and she was not aware of any issues in the past.

She said students were not grinding, or even dancing.  Eventually the students sat on the floor in protest and began to chant expletives.

"It was just not fun. I find it completely unnecessary," said the senior.  Around 9:25 p.m., the students were told the dance was going to end early and the students left the building. The dance was scheduled to end at 11 p.m.

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