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Parents Want Obama-paid Abortionist out of School

Oregon parents of the Salem-Keizer School District are turning up the heat in their year-long battle, against an unrelenting administration, to boot Planned Parenthood, funded by ObamaCare, from teaching comprehensive sex education classes at North Salem High School.
“This is an avenue by which Planned Parenthood is inserting themselves into high schools all over the country.”-- Doug Muravez, parent
UPDATE 3/26/13: Portland Boots Teacher for Countering Abortionist

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UPDATE 10/20/12: Lead Abortionist Joins President Obama Full-time

-- From "Salem-Keizer school district to keep Planned Parenthood class for teens" by The Associated Press 8/8/12

The Salem-Keizer School District announced Tuesday it will stick with its teen pregnancy prevention class, despite a parent's objection to the involvement of Planned Parenthood.

The parent who complained, Doug Muravez, told the Statesman Journal that it appears district officials didn't work with him in good faith.

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From "Planned Parenthood Class Incenses Conservative Host" by Salem Weekly Editors 10/4/12

On his March 21 radio show, conservative Keizer talk show host Bill Post . . . said he’d heard North Salem high school students complained because in one class their regular teacher left the room while the instruction occurred and that, though uncomfortable, they felt pressured to participate as a part of graduation requirements.

His online blog repeated the story and encouraged citizens to take action.  It posted a link to a Catholic organization “with experience fighting Planned Parenthood on many levels, including the schools,” which includes a step-by-step plan to end Planned Parenthood.

The Catholic site criticizes Planned Parenthood as a means to indoctrinate children with philosophies “that include the acceptance of abortion and deviant sexual practices… ”

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From "Parents organize against sex ed in schools" by Jo Garcia-Cobb, Catholic Sentinel 10/1/12

A group of nearly 80 people from various school districts, including Salem-Keizer, Portland, Beaverton, Canby, Tigard-Tualatin, and Mount Angel attended the meeting held Aug. 28 at Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Salem. The meeting was spearheaded by Doug Muravez and other concerned citizens.

Father Todd Molinari, pastor, was asked to preside over the meeting, whose objectives included discussion of Planned Parenthood’s comprehensive sex-ed curriculum and its impact on children and families, parental rights, resources for parents and guardians, and a call for volunteers.

Muravez met with school officials and discovered what he calls “disturbing facts.” He listed his findings in a letter to Superintendent Sandy Husk, questioning why the school district adopted the Planned Parenthood program, based only on Planned Parenthood data, without looking into alternatives. He also asked why he was told that Planned Parenthood was not teaching in the school when in fact it was.

Muravez’s request for a formal hearing with the school board was denied. He then distributed letters to fellow parishioners at St. Joseph Church seeking help to “save North Salem High School from Planned Parenthood.” About two dozen community members pushed for a hearing, but only three out of the required four board members agreed.

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From "Churches enlisted to help block Planned Parenthood in Salem-Keizer schools" posted at Christian News Northwest 10/3/12

Before the meeting was over, several attendees had agreed to contact local churches representing a wide range of denominations that are likely to share Muravez’s concern over Planned Parenthood’s involvement in the Salem-Keizer School District’s teen pregnancy prevention class. Others agreed to monitor meetings of the school board.

On a new web site,, Muravez and others who agree with him offer even more pointed criticism of the agency.

The district responded that it was looking for a way to address his concerns without losing money that pays for the Teen Outreach program.

A $4 million grant from the federal Department of Health and Human Services [ObamaCare] distributed through Planned Parenthood pays for the program statewide that seeks to reach 2,500 Oregon students and is taught by Planned Parenthood workers.

Superintendent Sandy Husk said she offered to have district teachers conduct the program to ease concerns, but found in talks with Planned Parenthood that the idea was unworkable.

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From "Teacher Denies Obamacare-Funded Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Talk" by Steven Ertelt, 9/24/12

[Excerpts from a statement by Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League:]
Declared by the Supreme Court to be law, Obamacare has now armed Planned Parenthood to be the largest purveyor of comprehensive sex education programs to our kids. With a pre-funded appropriation of $75 million a year for five years for Personal Responsibility and Education Programs (PREP)-the new name for comprehensive sex education programs-it is now showing up in schools disguised as Teen Outreach Programs, among others.

In the state of Oregon, PP has filed a formal complaint with the school district seeking disciplinary action against William Diss, a teacher at Benson High School in Portland, for refusing to let PP personnel talk to his students without proper authorization. PP did get to talk to the students and used aggressive tactics to obtain the children’s signatures for Teen Outreach Program and Community Voice Program participation (promising gifts and cash).

These abortionists are in the sex business and have only one agenda to get our children focused on sexual activities. If we do nothing to repeal this law, our children will continue to be targeted and victimized by the sex and abortion industry.
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UPDATE 2/6/12 - Planned Parenthood's Business Model: Hooking Kids on Sex (Warning: Sexually graphic video)

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