Sunday, June 17, 2012

10-year-old's Speech Mimics Obama on Gay 'Marriage'

After Queens P.S. 195 principal Beryl Bailey declared fifth grader Kameron Slade's planned speech at a school assembly to be inappropriate, the New York School Chancellor Dennis Walcott, under pressure from homosexualists, overruled the principal. The student will now be allowed to publicly demonstrate, to everyone, the indoctrination by the education establishment.

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-- From "NYC 5th-grader to read gay marriage essay" posted at UPI 6/16/12

Beryl Bailey, principal at PS195 in New York's Queens borough, barred 10-year-old Kameron Slade from presenting his essay urging respect for same-sex marriage Friday, the New York Post reported.

City schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said, however, while the fifth-grader "has the right" to present his essay, the extra day will give the teacher time "to reach out to those parents to make them aware of the content of the speech -- because we're talking about an elementary school."

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From "Fifth Grader Will Be Allowed To Give Speech Supporting Same-Sex Marriage" posted at WCBS-TV2 (New York) 6/15/12

Walcott said Friday that Principal Beryl Bailey will allow the speech to go ahead in front of a special assembly of fifth graders on Monday.

Slade said his speech calls for acceptance and tolerance of gay couples, and added he hopes parents talk with the children about same-sex marriage, because, in his words, “it’s out there.”

The New York Civil Liberties Union told CBS 2's Aiello that Slade’s First Amendment rights were violated.

“At a time when Marriage Equality is the law of our state, we should not stifle students from engaging this issue on their own terms and in their own ways,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. “Kameron’s speech is a heartfelt expression of understanding that deserves to be commended. He has shown far more maturity than the adults in his school. His voice should be heard, not sidelined.”

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From "Queens Kid Blocked From Making Same-Sex-Marriage Speech" by Joe Coscarelli, New York Magazine 6/15/12

Fifth-grader Kameron Slade was elected to represent his class in a school-wide speech competition, but had his subject matter denied by the principal, who deemed gay marriage an inappropriate issue. "She said that people have different opinions on it and that some parents may not want their children to learn about this type of topic," said the Queens student, who is as adorable as he is awesome. He said his mother's gay friends "seemed happy," and, "Best of all, they seemed to love each other."

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