Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Illinois School Drops Gay Agenda Books on Bullying

After Christian parents and a pastor informed the Erie, IL school board of the underlying Gay Agenda incorporated into much of the latest anti-bullying campaign by educators nationwide, the school district decided to eliminate all books endorsed by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in favor of educational materials without sexualization overtones.

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UPDATE 10/19/12: Parents Force Gay Agenda Backtrack by School Board

-- From "Book Ban Puts Erie In National Spotlight" by Marcia Lense, KWQC-TV6 6/7/12

Back in May, the Erie School Community District banned, 'The Family Book,' because of a page that says "some families have two moms or two dads". It was banned after parents complained to the school board.

Erie School District Superintendent Brad Cox says when the school board made its decision, there was a consensus in town to get rid of it.

"At our April board meeting, we had between 75 to 100 people show up, which is quite a few, and the vast majority who spoke at that board meeting spoke in opposition of the materials," Cox said.

He explained that the district used the book and lesson plans from the Gay-Lesbian-Straight Education Network to teach elementary students about diversity and tolerance. But when the complaints came in, a committee was formed to take a closer look at the materials.

The practice of banning books in schools is really nothing new. The Harry Potter books have been banned from some schools and the classic storybook, Grimm's Fairy Tales, is banned from elementary schools across the country.

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From "Pastor Speaks Out: GLSEN Materials Sending Conflicting Message" by Concetta Callahan, CBS WHBF-TV4 (Quad Cities IL)

"[Dozens of parents] didn't want kids to hear one thing at home and then something totally different at school," said Aaron Sweeney, Assistant Pastor at Erie Christian Church.

"Parents felt like the topic of homosexuality should be talked about strictly at home. They were uncomfortable with that being told at school," said Sweeney.

[Supt.] Cox said teaching diversity, tolerance and anti–bullying to elementary students was always done before without using GLSEN materials.

"Alternative lifestyles, sexual preferences, sexual orientation—those things have never been a part of what we've taught at the elementary school. Those aren't age appropriate discussions and so they won't be moving forward either," said Cox.

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