Friday, February 17, 2012

Same-sex 'Marriage' Passes New Jersey Legislature

GOP Gov. Chris Christie says he will veto the so-called "gay marriage" bill that passed both the state senate and assembly by wide margins this week -- both houses are controlled by Democrats.
“He won’t veto the bill because he’s anti-gay. He’ll veto the bill because the 2016 South Carolina presidential primary electorate is anti-gay.”
-- Steven Goldstein, Chairman, Garden State Equality (New Jersey’s largest homosexualist group)
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UPDATE 2/17/12: Governor vetoes bill

-- From "Gay marriage bill delivered to NJ governor, who has vowed to veto it" by The Associated Press 2/17/12

Christie — and most Republican lawmakers — want the issue decided by public vote. One GOP lawmaker, Sen. Kip Bateman of Somerset, has proposed a ballot question asking voters to allow same-sex nuptials. However, Democrats who control the Legislature maintain that gay marriage is a civil right protected by the U.S. Constitution and isn’t subject to popular vote.

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From "N.J. Assembly approves measure, Christie vows veto" by Tina Susman and Ian Duncan, Los Angeles Times 2/16/12

One lawmaker, Democrat Cleopatra Tucker, said that as a deaconess in her church, she had "struggled over this. ...I really had problems and struggled with this."

But she said she had decided to support the Marriage Equality and Religious Exemption Act. "This bill today is not a religious issue. It's a civil rights issue," she said.

The bill now goes to Christie, presumably to be vetoed. Lawmakers have until the end of the legislative session in January 2014 to muster enough votes to override a veto.

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From "Gay GOP group asks Christie not to veto same-sex marriage" by Tim Mak, Politico 2/17/12

Log Cabin Republicans – a gay and lesbian Republican group – called upon New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Friday not to veto the same-sex marriage bill passed by the state legislature.

Log Cabin deputy executive director Christian Berle told POLITICO that despite his forthcoming veto, Christie has a generally good track record on gay rights

“We call for him to support this bipartisan piece of legislation. Gov. Christie has had a forward-leaning approach to many issues - he’s a full supporter of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, civil unions, and he appointed an openly gay justice to the state Supreme Court,” Berle said. “With that track record, the logical step would be to support the freedom to marry in the Garden State.”

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