Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Minnesota School Succumbs to Gay Agenda Bullying

At Minnesota's largest school district, the Anoka-Hennepin School Board abandoned its years-long policy of neutrality regarding homosexuality, due to non-stop haranguing by Gay Agenda advocates, in favor of a policy that acknowledges "sexual orientation" but requires that all viewpoints be respected.
"Will teachers be forced to give equal time and weight to both sides . . . ?" complained resident Dan Rebek of Coon Rapids, in his support of the Gay Agenda.
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-- From "Minn. school board ends policy blamed for bullying" By Steve Karnowski, Associated Press 2/14/12

The old policy had the support of some parents who believe homosexual conduct is immoral and who worried that their children might be taught otherwise.

The new policy says when contentious political, religious, social matters or economic issues come up — it does not specifically cite sexuality issues — teachers shouldn't try to persuade students to adopt a particular viewpoint. It calls for teachers to foster respectful exchanges of views. It also says in such discussions, staff should affirm the dignity and self-worth of all students, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

The debate over how teachers should handle controversial classroom topics ballooned after six students in the district committed suicide in less than two years.

A parent of one of the students who committed suicide says her son was bullied for being gay. Gay advocacy groups say some of the others students who killed themselves were also bullied. The district has said its investigation found no evidence that bullying contributed to the deaths, but the district changed its anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies in 2010 to state that harassment or bullying of gay students wouldn't be tolerated.

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From "Anoka-Hennepin replaces neutrality policy" by Sue Austreng, Staff Writer, ABC Newspapers 2/14/12

The [new] RLE-CP [Respectful Learning Environment – Curriculum Policy], according to district legal counsel Paul Cady, meets the intent of the board, responds to public input and reflects academic research on how to best deal with issues of public controversy that may arise in the classroom.

During an open forum session Monday evening, 29 community members addressed school board members.

Much of the debate focused on whether being gay is a lifestyle choice or is it something you’re born with, like brown or blue eyes, right- or left-handed.

Several LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) supporters, including members of the district’s Gay Equity Team, thanked the board for being willing to shift gears.

. . . Anoka-Hennepin’s website lists 11 different links recommended as further sources for prevention of bullying and harassment. Those links include GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), Operation Respect, Teaching Tolerance, the Trevor Project, and more.

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From "Anoka-Hennepin School Board votes to replace neutrality policy" by Maria Elena Baca, Star Tribune 2/14/12

The single no vote was cast by Board Member Kathy Tingelstad, who said she was concerned about the influence outside groups have had on the discussion. "I think we could have done better," she said.

Those [speaking at the Board meeting] who favored the [old] neutrality policy objected to opponents' characterization of their views. They said they worry that children who hold conservative Christian or moral beliefs will feel censored and shamed if they voice critical opinions.

Others who opposed changing the policy reiterated their beliefs that homosexuality is a dangerous "lifestyle choice" and that sexuality education belongs in the home. They said scrapping the old policy would create an opening for "homosexual activists" to push an agenda in the classroom.

Teachers and representatives of the Gay Equity Team suggested that the best option would be no policy at all. Several warned that the new policy's requirement for balanced discussion could give false weight to uneven arguments based on opinion, not fact. As examples, they offered such topics as evolution, climate change and civil rights, saying that even though differing opinions exist, both sides are not equally supported by scientific research or public opinion.

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From "Anoka-Hennepin school board approves new policy addressing sexual orientation" by Sarah Horner, Twin Cities Pioneer Press 2/14/12

Opponents of the language [of the old policy] blamed it for creating an anti-gay environment in schools, and some tied it to a rash of student suicides that occurred between 2009 and 2010. Two lawsuits still pending against the district sought to repeal the policy [including one by the homosexualist Southern Poverty Law Center].

"There is a fight going on that is bigger than this district," parent Laurie Mueller told the board. "This is not only about our children, it's a fundamental question of natural law...I do not want the school teaching my child that two dads or two moms equal a mom and a dad."

Laurie Thompson, president of the Parents Action League [said] . . . "I am not as confident as the board that this [new] policy will prevent homosexual propaganda from flooding the classrooms."

Alluding to the list of demands that PAL presented to the board a few meetings ago - including that the district provide the same level of support to Christian and "ex-homosexual" students as it does to gay students - Thompson told board members the battle is far from over.

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From "Anoka schools fire back over gay bullying story" by Sarah Horner, Twin Cities Pioneer Press 2/7/12

Rolling Stone magazine has the Anoka-Hennepin school district in a rage.

The day after a story about the district's handling of anti-gay student bullying appeared Friday, Superintendent Dennis Carlson denounced it as a "brutal and distorted attack."

Written by Sabrina Rubin Erdely, "One Town's War on Gay Teens" chronicles the development of the district's controversial sexual orientation curriculum policy while weaving in personal stories of students who say they were bullied over their real or perceived sexual orientation.

At one point, Erdely writes that [the school district's old policy was], in a sense, "in step" with the Parents Action League, a conservative parent group focused on fighting the "homosexual agenda." The article zeroes in on the group, describing it as small but influential.

Laurie Thompson, president of the Parents Action League, said Erdely offered no proof that evangelicals or the district's policy had anything to do with the student suicides or bullying.

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