Saturday, February 25, 2012

Romney Accused of Abortion Lies by Mainstream Media

Slate Magazine (with the Washington Post) has published a well-documented "hit piece" on Mitt Romney's alleged changing story of his pro-choice/pro-life conversion(s). It's odd for the mainstream (liberal) media to take the side of pro-life critics of Romney, but perhaps a weakened Mitt Romney and/or triumphant Rick Santorum is their desired outcome.

For background, read Romney Dismisses Pro-life Pledge and also read Romney & Abortion: Liberals Attack From Both Sides as well as Christian Liberty at Risk with a President Romney? plus read Romney Wins Big with Florida Homosexual Republicans

UPDATE 5/15/12: Romney Says It's OK to ‘Destroy’ Human Embryos Created Through In Vitro Fertilization

-- From "The Conversion" by William Saletan, Slate 2/22/12

To understand Mitt Romney, you have to understand the most difficult passage of his political life: how he changed his position on abortion. Not the story he tells about it, but the real story.

Romney began his political career as a pro-choicer. In the story he tells, he had an epiphany, a flash of insight, and committed himself thereafter to protecting life. But that isn’t what happened. The real story of Romney’s conversion—a series of tentative, equivocal, and confused shifts, accompanied by a constant rewriting of his past—paints a more accurate picture of who he is. Romney has complex views and a talent for framing them either way, depending on his audience. He values truth, so he makes sure there’s an element of it in everything he says. He can’t stand to break his promises, so he reinterprets them.

Parts of the story have been told before. But no one has put it together. And no one has assembled the many video and audio clips that bear witness to what happened. In this article, the first complete examination of Romney’s journey, you’ll see his transformation on camera.

The problem with Romney isn’t that he keeps changing his mind. The problem is that he keeps changing his story.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE -- see the Slate story in the video below: