Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gay Agenda Lacks Power Against AIDS Reality

As the year 2011 closes, homosexualists revel in their advancement of the Gay Agenda, thanks to President Obama and New York government, but they lament their inability to counteract "the fruits" of their perversion.

For background, read Majority of New HIV Cases from Homosexual Behavior and also read Federal Study: Gay Culture is Health Risk as well as Sexual Immorality Causes Cancer: HPV Epidemic

-- From "Gay Marriage Victory Still Shadowed by AIDS" by Austin Considine, New York Times 12/31/11

For many middle-aged gay men in New York City, the passage of the same-sex marriage law was in part a fresh reminder of the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic . . .

While some middle-aged gay men and lesbians leaped at the chance to marry after having been denied the right, others say the concept feels too foreign today because it was such a remote possibility for so long.

The men interviewed for this article may form an imbalanced picture of their generation because each has gone on to form long-term, meaningful romantic relationships — despite the loss of partners, and regardless of feelings about marrying. But, as therapists attest, there are silent others who remain haunted by the tragedies of the AIDS scourge, and unhealed by the passing years.

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