Sunday, December 18, 2011

Students Suspended for Appearance of Silent Prayer

With no warning, student athletes at Long Island's Riverhead High School were suspended for honoring Denver Broncos football hero Tim Tebow, when they mimicked the Christian quarterback's distinctive kneeling prayer position in the school hallway.
"I think if they had good intentions, then good for them for having the courage to do something different."
-- Tim Tebow
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-- From "New York high school athletes suspended for organizing ‘Tebowing’" by Frank Eltman, The Associated Press 12/17/11

Riverhead High School administrators suspended 17-year-old twins Connor and Tyler Carroll this week after they organized several "Tebowing" tributes to the NFL star in their school hallway.

Connor Carroll . . . conceded that although kneeling for Tebow has a religious connotation, their intent was simply to honor a sports hero.

Riverhead School Superintendent Nancy Carney said in a statement that the students’ actions created a potential safety hazard.

[Tebow said]: "You have to respect the position of authority and people that God’s put as authority over you, so that’s part of it, and just finding the right place and the right time to do things is part of it, too."

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From "High schoolers banned for Tebowing" by Christopher Hunt, Special to 12/16/11

Tebow has made headlines for the move, a display of his devotion to his Christian faith.

Reports said that the students had been Tebowing all week, starting Monday. It was meant to be a joke, only paying homage to one of pro football's newest stars. But other students started joining in and administrators claimed it had become a disturbance. District officials reportedly told the students that the celebration was making it unsafe for students walking the hall in between classes.

The incident saw about 40 students engaging in the popular Tebowing. Only the four students, all athletes, were suspended.

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From "LI high schoolers protest outside after students suspended for 'Tebowing'" by Erin Calabrese and Jose Martinez, New York Post 12/17/11

Connor and twin brother Tyler, who is set to serve his suspension Monday, were penalized after organizing the "tribute" in which dozens of students jammed a hallway all week, Tebow-style.

“I feel like we were kind of singled out,” said Tyler, who also plays football and baseball. “If we were told to stop, we would have stopped.”

School administrators have insisted that suspending the twins had nothing to do with the “Tebowing” or religious discrimination, instead blaming the stunt for making students show up late to class.

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