Friday, December 16, 2011

Planned Parenthood Lures Teen clients via Texting

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) has initiated a sex-inquiry text-messaging service for teens called In Case You're Curious (ICYC), promising to train the kids in sexual activity using their favorite means of communication. However, according to the PPRM website, it appears that the purpose is really to bring the kids into the Planned Parenthood clinic for services, such as $abortion$.
ICYC cannot diagnose conditions or give personal medical advice in a text message . . . If you need to go to a health center, find one here.
-- Planned Parenthood website
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-- From "In Case You’re Curious!" posted at CBS-TV4 Denver 12/15/11

Alison Macklin, Director of Community Education for PPRM, says teens really have a lot of questions about their own bodies.

Planned Parenthood says once a teen is signed up for ICYC, there is no way to “unsign-up” and there is no age requirement since everything is done anonymously. However, PPRM encourages teens to talk with their parents or a trusted adult about sex or their sexual health.

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From "Planned Parenthood offers texts to teens seeking advice about sex" by Anthony Cotton, The Denver Post 12/15/11

An offshoot of the Denver Teen Pregnancy Prevention Partnership, which began in Denver Public Schools in 2007, ICYC fell under the auspices of Planned Parenthood last year.

In the program, teens text their questions, which are parsed by Planned Parenthood staff. The responses — limited to 160 characters — are sent within 24 hours.

"We're aware of it," said Keith Mason, president of Denver-based Personhood USA, which last month filed new language for a proposed constitutional amendment to end abortions in Colorado. "It's just another extension of their abortion-marketing plan. Just like restaurants use texts to give out coupons, this is their way of driving young people to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America."

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UPDATE 2/6/12 - Planned Parenthood's Business Model: Hooking Kids on Sex (Warning: Sexually graphic video)