Wednesday, August 04, 2010

WikiLeaker a Homosexual with Army Grudge

SPC Bradley Manning, who has been arrested and detained in connection with the leak of thousands of classified documents recently released on WikiLeaks, is a homosexual activist who has spoken out against the U.S. military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

UPDATE 8/15/13: Defense argues Manning suffers from "gender confusion"

UPDATE 8/8/10: Mainstream media now reporting this story (click for New York Times)

-- From "Bradley Manning, suspected source of Wikileaks documents, raged on his Facebook page" by Heidi Blake, John Bingham and Gordon Rayner, London Telegraph 7/30/10

Bradley Manning, the prime suspect in the leaking of the Afghan war files, raged against his US Army employers and "society at large" on his Facebook page in the days before he allegedly downloaded thousands of secret memos, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

The Pentagon, which is investigating the source of the leak, is expected to study Mr Manning’s background to ascertain if they missed any warnings when he applied to join the US Army. The postings on his Facebook page are also likely to form part of the inquiry.

Mr Manning, who is openly homosexual, began his gloomy postings on January 12, saying: "Bradley Manning didn't want this fight. Too much to lose, too fast."

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From "Was Alleged Wikileaks Source a Homosexual with Axe to Grind against U.S. Military?" by James Tillman, 8/3/10

A childhood friend of Manning, Jordan Davis, has said that the young man “came out” as gay when he was only 13.

Manning’s Facebook page reveals that he was depressed over a recent breakup with his boyfriend. One photo on the page shows him holding a sign asking for equality on the battlefield. Among his "Likes and Interests" were "REPEAL THE BAN - End ‘Don't Ask, Don't Tell,’” "," "Stonewall Democrats," "LGBT America," "Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell," "No on Prop 8 | Don't Eliminate Marriage for Anyone," and the homosexualist "Human Rights Campaign."

He also “liked” Barack Obama and the openly homosexual congressman Barney Frank, who has worked to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT).

Although the Senate is considering overturning DADT, the open service of homosexuals in the military is currently forbidden. This has lead some to ask why, given Manning's open homosexuality, he was not discharged.

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