Sunday, August 29, 2010

Muslims, Atheists Obama's Political Base

As the President's approval ratings continue to plunge among Americans, from a religious perspective, Muslims continue to be his staunch supporters.

UPDATE 10/14/10: Non-religious voters drop support for Democrats

UPDATE 8/30/10: Even Unchurched Losing Faith in Obama

-- From "Poll: Muslims have highest Obama approval; Mormons lowest" by Paul Steinhauser, CNN Deputy Political Director 8/27/10

President Barack Obama gets his highest approval rating among religious groups from Muslims and his lowest from Mormons, according to a newly released national poll.

A Gallup survey indicates that in the first half of this year, 78 percent of Muslims approved of the job the president's doing in the White House, while just 24 percent of Mormons give Obama a thumbs up. According to the poll, the president's approval rating among Protestants and other Christians was 43 percent, it stood at 50 percent for Catholics, 61 percent among Jews, 63 percent for Atheists, Agnostics and those with no religion, and 64 percent for those from other non-Christian religions. The president's approval among all Americans stood at 48 percent.

The survey indicates that Obama has lost 15 points on his overall approval rating from the first half of 2009 to the first half of this year, and that he has lost slightly more ground than average among Mormons and has receded the least among Muslims.

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From "Muslims Give Obama Highest Job Approval; Mormons, Lowest" by Frank Newport, Gallup 8/27/10

President Obama's job approval ratings have fallen significantly between his first six months in office and this year so far, and his ratings among major religious groups have fallen in rough lock step. The pattern that pertained when Obama first took office -- high ratings among Muslims, those with no religious identity, those identifying with non-Christian religions, and Jews; and lower ratings among Protestants and Mormons -- continues today. Although his standing has dropped among Americans in each of these groups, Obama has retained a little more strength among Muslims, the group giving him the highest ratings, and has lost a little more among Mormons, the group giving him the lowest ratings.

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