Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Abortionists Furious SC Governor Signed Legislation

Gov. Mark Sanford this morning signed a bill making it mandatory that a 24-hour wait period be established before an abortion is administered in the state of South Carolina.

-- From "Sanford signs bill making it mandatory to wait 24 hours before abortion" by staff reports, Spartanburg Herald Journal 8/18/10

The bill was signed at the Carolina Pregnancy Center in Spartanburg, and proponents are considering it a legislative feat and a win for those leading a grassroots effort to protect life. Many of those supporting the bill expect the number of abortions in the state to decrease because of ultrasounds mothers have the option of receiving and the extra time that could lead a woman to change her decision.

“Our founding fathers gave us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Sanford said. “The most fundamental is life because without it you can’t have the other two.”

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From "SC Bill Increases Abortion Waiting Period" posted at Ms. Magazine 8/18/10

Sloan Whelan, public relations coordinator for Planned Parenthood of Charleston, told NBC, "It's unconscionable that the governor of South Carolina, along with other state legislators, would host a bill signing ceremony at a crisis pregnancy center. Crisis pregnancy centers have an infamous history for providing women with medically inaccurate and biased information in order to persuade their decision." In regards to the law itself, Whelan said, "There is no evidence that waiting periods reduce the number of abortions, and [they are] an egregious intrusion into a personal private medical decision of women and their loved ones."

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