Monday, July 05, 2010

Universal Health Care Leaves Patient Half Man, Half Woman

40 year-old Raymond Harwood had £60,000 of surgery last year but recently the government lacked the £8,000 for surgery for breast implants so he could fully become Miranda Lee, so Raymond/Miranda threatened to sue.

-- From "Transsexual to get legal aid to help fight NHS over breast surgery row" by Andrew Hough, London Telegraph 7/1/10

“They should do top and bottom, not just half. It will cost the NHS more money if they don’t settle out of court,” she said.

Miss Lee, who is unemployed and had her male genitalia removed and her voice altered to make her sound more like a woman.

But when Miss Lee asked for a further £8,000 for cosmetic surgery, to complete what she described as her transition to being a "real woman", it was refused because the trust said there was not enough money.

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Even so, no amount of money can change chromosomes.