Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tea Party Summer School for Public Schools Kids

Call it vacation Bible school, Glenn Beck-style.

Some three dozen kids ages 10 to 15 are spending five nights this week learning what organizers -- some with tea party ties -- say they won't hear in school about the Constitution, the founding fathers and the role of faith in the birth of the United States.

UPDATE 8/8/11: Church hosts Tea Party school teaching "God is the center of my life"

UPDATE 6/14/11: Tea Party summer camp in Florida

-- From "‘Vacation Liberty School’ Aims to Re-Teach Civics With Focus on Faith" by Jeffrey McMurray, Associated Press 7/15/10

It's held in a church basement in Georgetown [Kentucky], a city just north of Lexington that is the site of a major Toyota assembly plant.

The curriculum includes lessons like "equal rights, not equal results," "recognize men don't create rights -- only God," and "understanding falsehoods of separation of church and state."

And organizers say the program has drawn interest from people looking to start new chapters in Ohio, Colorado, New York, Florida and other communities in Kentucky.

Some parents showed up early to quiz the organizers about the curriculum. Others said they wouldn't mind a conservative slant to balance out what they say is a liberal influence in the public school system.

. . . the Rev. Wayne Lipscomb, the pastor there, says he had no political motivations for allowing the classes to be held without a rental fee. Tickets were distributed online for free.

"I think our kids need to know about the founding fathers and they need to understand the connection between God and the founding fathers," he said. "They don't need to hear the revisionists' stories of history."

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