Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Prayer in Legislature Desired by Dems & GOP Alike

Despite the recent anti-prayer lawsuit wave, both Democrat and Republican voters in North Carolina want guest chaplains in government to pray in Jesus' name, according to a new poll by the Civitas Institute.

-- From "Poll: Majority of Democrats and Republicans Don’t Like Forbidding Mention of Jesus in State House Chamber" by Staff Reports, Lincoln Tribune (Lincolnton, NC) 7/28/10

According to the live caller poll of 600 likely voters, 70 percent of voters said they disagree with the policy that forbids chaplains from mentioning Jesus in their prayer. Twenty-seven percent of voters said they agree, and three percent said they are not sure.

Republicans oppose the guidelines by a 74 percent-24 percent margin. Democrats also disagree with a 70 percent-26 percent margin in opposition. Moreover, unaffiliated voters also oppose the policy by 61 percent-31 percent.

“Speaker Hackney’s attempt to stifle free speech has backfired, evidenced by voter disagreement with this policy that caters to a minority viewpoint,” said Civitas Institute president Francis De Luca. “Has political correctness gone so awry that we can no longer mention Jesus while saying a prayer in a Judeo-Christian nation? What is next, no prayer to open the session?”

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