Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pastor Warns America of Socialism, Calls for Prayer

America currently stands in a very dangerous position, said renowned pastor and author Dr. Charles Stanley. Today more than ever, the country is turning away from God and moving closer toward socialism, he warned. And the consequences will be grave.

Dr. Stanley is calling for 140 days of prayer for our nation (see below).

-- From "Dr. Charles Stanley Warns of the Danger of a Tide of Socialism" by David Outten, Atlanta Conservative Examiner 7/4/10

In the July 4th sermon posted on Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor of First Baptist of Atlanta, spoke on "Turning the Tide." [click here to watch] A primary focus of the sermon is the clash between Christianity and Socialism.

Dr. Stanley said, "We find ourselves, as a nation, violating the laws of God and heading in a direction that is going to be disastrous for us, for our children and for the generations that are to come, unless there is a change. . . . There is a tide that has touched our shores and reached the heart of our nation. It is a tide that is bringing with it ideas and philosophies, actions and attitudes, that will ultimately destroy the way of life that you and I have."

He said Christianity interferes with the spread of Socialism.

Dr. Stanley closed with a story about German Christians gathering to pray in 1989 -- against the will of their Communist government. Over time, the prayer meetings swelled from a handful to over 10,000. It got so there were too many to fit in the church where the prayers started. Very soon the Berlin Wall came down.

Such a sermon is so rare that InTouch ministries has been overwhelmed by the response. Their web servers are having difficult handling the traffic.

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From "Influential Pastor Warns of Socialism, Departure from God" by Lillian Kwon, Christian Post Reporter 7/3/10

Speaking to thousands at First Baptist Church of Atlanta and to a live Web audience on Friday [July 2], Stanley delivered a sobering 4th of July message [click here to watch] about a dangerous spiritual tide that is engulfing the country and the crucial need for prayer.

Socialism, he pointed out, is opposed primarily to Christianity and Judaism.

"In Christianity, we're taught to do our best because we've been gifted by God. So there's motivation, willingness and we cooperate," he explained. "We use our spiritual gifts for the good of everyone."

But under a socialist society, in which the government controls all means of production and distribution, there is no motivation for diligence and creativity is stifled, he said.

He added, "Naturally, when the government takes control, do you think that freedom of speech is always going to be there?"

"The tide is bringing in a control that will indeed attempt to silence the truth and will attempt to squash the religious devotion and worship of the people of God."

"It is an attempt to destroy the Christian spirit in America," he said.

"There is a war going on against Jesus," he declared. "It's part of the strategy. The primary reason for this war against Him is He is interfering with the plan to make this a socialist nation. Mark it down. It is the truth."

"Do you want this nation to keep going where it's going or do you want us to get back on track?" he posed.

Prayer, he said, is the one thing he knows that works.

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