Friday, December 04, 2009

Calif. Principal Admits to Homosexual Indoctrination

When contacted by the media concerning parental complaints, the school administration re-grouped and stated that a teacher, inappropriately, arranged for a pro-gay organization to teach students, all without the knowledge of the principal.

-- From "California Junior High Principal Apologizes For Not Warning Parents About Pro-Homosexual Program for 8th Graders" by Penny Starr, CNSNews Senior Staff Writer 12/3/09

The principal and a teacher at Goleta Valley Junior High School in Santa Barbara County, California are apologizing to parents for not following school district policy relating to a pro-homosexual workshop given to 8th grade students in a leadership class at the school.

The controversial workshop was presented by “Just Communities Central Coast” in three, 45-minute sessions over three days. It included handouts defining homosexual terminology, including queer and transgender, and listed “heterosexism” as “oppression that ‘pushes down’ people who are LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning) and ‘pushes up’ people who are straight.”

The handout defines sexual orientation this way: “Refers to who we feel romantically and sexually attracted to and who we fall in love with.”

One page featuring cartoon-like figures and entitled “Gender & Sexuality Definitions: A Visual Map,” depicts a person's body with the heart area labeled as “sexual orientation” and the genital area labeled as “sex.”

A page entitled “Heterosexism” asks students to answer a three-part question: “How are LGBTQ people discriminated against or mistreated in the United States, in your local community and in your school?”

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