Thursday, December 31, 2009

Native American Pro-life Center Torched

Mainstream media ignores arson story of Arizona pregnancy center that served low income residents

-- From "Hope House burns!" by Mike Leiby, The Independent 12/29/09

A fire that looks as though it might be arson at the Living Hope Women's Center Whiteriver clinic on Sunday, Dec. 20, has closed the facility until further notice.

President of the Living Hope Women's Center governing board and former executive director Dinah Monahan said . . . the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is investigating the fire.

Having taken place on Apache tribal lands, the fire, if indeed arson, would be a Federal offense, explaining why federal agencies are involved with the investigation.

Monahan said initial conversations with investigating federal agents asked if the clinic might be involved in anything that certain individuals may not agree with.

"The agent very gingerly asked if we were involved in 'anything controversial' in our ministry," she said. "You can imagine what they hear about Crisis Pregnancy Centers, abortion clinic bombings and the like. I assured him that even though we are a CPC (Certified Professional Consultant), our work was mostly pre-natal and parenting and that the culture in Whiteriver is very pro-life."

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