Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Idaho Charter School Closure Threatened over Bible

Nampa Classical Academy has, until now, balked at orders from the state Public Charter School Commission to abandon plans to use the Bible and other texts for their literary and historic qualities.

-- From "Charter school abandons Bible plans for now" Associated Press 12/23/09

Eric Makrush is on Nampa Classical Academy's Board of Directors and told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the charter school would comply with the state order until matter is settled in court.

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From "NCA agrees to not use religious texts - for now, at least" by Mike Butts, Idaho Press-Tribune 12/24/09

The development comes with NCA's response to a Charter Commission request for information about reported religious material used in NCA classrooms. NCA submitted the response Wednesday on its due date to the Commission.

The compliance will assure that the Charter Commission does not begin to take action to revoke the new school's charter, which its chairman had said could happen and which would result in an end to the school's public funding.

Although the Academy said it would comply with the Charter Commission prohibition of the use of religious texts, it stated in its response that it still believes it is legal to do so. NCA has sued the Charter Commission for the right to use the texts.

"We're certainly doing it under protest," NCA acting board chairman Mike Moffett said. "It's clear that statewide we're not the only ones doing it (using religious texts). And it's certainly an issue (where) we're the only ones being singled out."

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