Monday, January 05, 2009

UK Educators Assist Children in Killing Children

Emergency contraception is being handed out to pupils in almost 1,000 schools without the knowledge of parents, according to figures. Morning-after pills are being given to girls as young as 11 by health authority clinics set up in secondary schools.

-- From "Morning-after pills available to pupils in almost 1,000 schools" by Alastair Jamieson, The Telegraph 01/04/09

In Oxfordshire alone 1,081 emergency contraceptives have been issued over the past six years, despite records showing pregnancy rates in the county have risen in every year that the clinics have been in operation.

Since 2000, the Government has promoted sexual health services for teenagers as part of its "extended schools" policy, which turns schools into one-stop-shops for education, health and social services. The new guidance for colleges says principals should consider installing condom vending machines and holding regular chlamydia and gonorrhea testing sessions.

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