Friday, January 16, 2009

Florida School Faculty Admits Christian Witness

ACLU wins injunction against school by representing two students suing the public school for being "too Christian"

-- From "Officials ordered to stop prayer at schools" by Carmen Paige, Pensacola News Journal 1/13/09

[U.S. District Court Judge Casey Rodgers] has ordered the Santa Rosa County School District to stop promoting religion and prayer in the classroom and at school events.

The ACLU sued the district, Pace High School Principal Frank Lay and former Superintendent John Rogers on behalf of two unnamed Pace High students.

Superintendent Tim Wyrosdick declined to comment on the case. But school and district officials have admitted to the allegations filed by the ACLU.

The lawsuit said the two Pace High School students are offended by the district's support of prayer at school events — including graduation — because it promotes religious beliefs they do not subscribe to and fails to respect their religious choices and beliefs.

Pace resident Tammy Morgan said she understands people have their beliefs. But, she said people do not have to participate when someone is praying.

"I've always loved that we could pray at school," she said. "(The injunction) saddens me. It's a shame."

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