Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Government Takes Children from Home, Gives to 'Homosexual Couple'

Officials decide gay couple better for five-year-old boy and his four-year-old sister than their own grandparents (their mother, a recovering drug addict, was not considered capable).

-- From "Social services remove young children from grandparents and arrange adoption by gay couple" by Lucy Cockcroft, The London Telegraph 1/28/09

. . . social workers stepped in after allegedly deciding that the couple, who are aged 59 and 46, were "too old" to look after the children.

They were allegedly stripped of their carer's rights and informed they would be barred from seeing the children altogether unless they agreed to the same-sex adoption.

The case raises fears about state interference in family arrangements, and concerns about the practice of adoption by same-sex couples.

The children have been in foster care for two years while their grandparents battled the social services department in court.

However, the cost of legal bills forced them to drop the case and relinquish their rights.

The grandparents reluctantly agreed to adoption, provided the children were found a "loving mother and father".

They were told last Thursday that two homosexual men had been chosen as the adoptive parents.

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