Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Homosexual Activists Label Pope a Nazi

San Francisco Catholic church graffiti included a swastika painted along with the Pope's name, in reference to California's Proposition 8

-- From "San Francisco Catholic Church Attacked by Pro-Homosexual Marriage Vandals" by Michael W. Chapman, Managing Editor CNSNews.com 1/13/09

A Catholic church in San Francisco was recently vandalized apparently by pro-homosexual marriage activists, and part of the blame for the damage rests with Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, according to the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.

“This was not an isolated event in terms of how San Francisco treats Catholics,” Susan A. Fani, communications director for the Catholic League, told CNSNews.com. “For a city that’s very open and into diversity, we find that it is a hostile atmosphere for Catholicism.”

Newsom and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are partly to blame for the attack on Holy Redeemer Catholic Church – which is being investigated as a “hate crime” by the police – because Newsom and the board “have shown nothing but contempt for the First Amendment rights of Catholics,” said the Catholic League in a statement.

Holy Redeemer Catholic Church is in San Francisco’s Castro district, a largely homosexual community, and the church has a reputation as being “gay friendly” because of its AIDS support group and apparent tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle.

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