Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Students Face Arrest for Display of Abortion Photos

University of Calgary threatens Campus Pro-Life student club if they repeat the display of 4-by-8-foot signs from the Genocide Awareness Project protest of abortion.

-- From "U of C students risk arrest for anti-abortion displays" posted at Canadian Broadcasting CBC 11/24/08

The anti-abortion group University of Calgary Campus Pro-Life plans to put up giant posters outside MacEwan Student Centre on Wednesday and Thursday showing aborted fetuses. The posters compare abortion to the Holocaust, the Ku Klux Klan and the genocide in Rwanda.

Earlier this year, university administrators asked the group, which has about 30 members, to make the posters less visible, citing safety concerns. But when they refused to comply, the school issued a letter last month threatening legal action.

University of Calgary Campus Pro-Life has held the Genocide Awareness Project displays five times since 2005, sometimes attracting counter-protests.

Student Julia Kittelsen, who filed a complaint, says she considers the displays hate propaganda. "I think it unfairly targets women who have had abortions."

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