Friday, November 14, 2008

Australian Government to Filter Internet Content

Officials say that "illegal and unwanted content" will be barred from citizens, but refuse to identify what may be deemed "unwanted" -- critics concerned that may include Scripture and Christian content.

-- From "Australia planning to block 10,000 websites" by Bonnie Malkin, The Telegraph in Sydney 11/14/08

The websites will be blocked as part of a government-sponsored trial of its filter technology that will start before Christmas and last six weeks.

The government has already identified 1300 websites that it wants to black list as part of the clean feeds scheme.

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said the sites mostly contained child pornography and other unwanted content, including images and videos.

Colin Jacobs, board member of Electronic Frontiers Australia said he was concerned at what would be deemed "unwanted content".

"Conroy said the list would contain illegal and unwanted content but we still have to see what would end up on that list."

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