Friday, November 21, 2008

Citizens Encouraged to Set Up Nativity Scenes

The Nativity Project asks Christians across America to go to their government buildings, obtain any necessary permits, and display the powerful message of the Christmas season.

-- From "Nativity Scene Goes to U.S. Supreme Court" by Paul Strand, CBN News Sr. Washington correspondent 11/20/08

A couple of Christian rights groups placed a nativity scene in front of the U.S. Supreme Court Thursday, as part of an effort to encourage Americans to do the same in front of public buildings all across the United States.

The National Clergy Council and the Christian Defense Coalition point out many Americans falsely believe such displays are forbidden, and so creches have disappeared from many places where they used to be commonplace.

"Tragically the courts have ruled that in many places, cities themselves can no longer display nativity scenes," [said Reverend Pat Mahoney, national director of the Christian Defense Coalition.] "But we've discovered individual citizens can go to their city halls, state capitol buildings, government buildings, and as individual citizens they can place nativity scenes up in these public places."

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