Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reaction to Losing on Election Day

"When conservative Christians lose at the polls, they react with quiet disappointment, reevaluation of political parties and traditional loyalties, and prayer for our nation and its leadership. But when the radical homosexual community loses an election, they fight back – literally."

-- From "Homosexuals not so 'gay' in California" commentary by Judge Roy Moore © 2008 WorldNetDaily 11/26/08

Americans who believe in traditional moral values like the right to life and one-man-one-woman marriage suffered a disappointing loss with the election of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the United States. The most liberal, pro-abortion president in our history, Obama also supports civil unions between people of the same sex. Conservatives were also frustrated by the rejection of pro-life measures at the polls in Colorado and South Dakota, and the failure of a law requiring parental notification for an abortion by a minor in California.

The homosexuals' response to the passage in California of Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman, has been marked by violence, hatred and anti-religious bigotry. Earlier this year, the California Supreme Court struck down Proposition 22, a law passed in 2000 wherein the people of California had declared marriage to be only "between a man and a woman." Once again voicing their support for traditional marriage this Nov. 4, Californians approved Proposition 8, joining 29 other states where, by an average vote of 67 percent, the biblical definition of marriage has been protected in state constitutions. Proving to be the sorest of losers, thousands of angry homosexuals took to the streets to protest Proposition 8, even attacking Mormon and Christian churches in the process.

. . . Those who claimed that Proposition 8 was about "hate" are now showing what hate really looks like.

Homosexual riots in the streets and physical attacks on people of God seem more fitting for Sodom and Gomorrah than America. But those disturbing reactions reveal that radical homosexuals seek more than "tolerance" – they will not stop until they impose their immoral lifestyle on the rest of us, even to the point of making their perverse behavior legally sanctioned by law. Any setbacks are met by violent public tantrums and personal attacks.

While we must never adopt the unlawful and hateful tactics of radical homosexuals, Christians must continue to oppose their immoral agenda in our schools, courts and political establishments. We must pray for those who like the people of Sodom are still blinded by their sins. Finally, pray for our country and a return to the moral foundation that made us a great nation.

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