Monday, September 22, 2008

Google's YouTube Shows Bias Against Pro-life

Here's yet another example of a liberal-minded powerful corporation exercising censorship of the American public.

-- From "YouTube Yanks Video Exposing Obama's Abortion Extremism" posted at 9/19/08

A video that was produced by a Kansas pro-life group and that exposed Sen. Barack Obama's extremist support for abortion was blocked by yesterday - the latest in a number of pro-life videos that have been blocked by the site.

The Kansas Coalition for Life, which partners with Operation Rescue on a number of pro-life projects, produced a video titled "Obama: WRONG Change for Children," which included information about Obama's voting record on abortion-related bills.

YouTube sent the group a generic message indicating that the video was being blocked because it did not meet a "Community Guideline."

"Political censorship is the only remaining explanation for YouTube blocking the KCFL Obama video," said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. "Apparently, it is allowable to criticize political candidates on YouTube, as long as you do not criticize Obama on his abortion track record. It is unconscionable for YouTube to engage in this kind of political censorship in the middle of a battle for the future of America. We have posted this video to our web site to ensure that it will be easily accessible."

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