Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Another Public Sex Fest in San Fran.

The Folsom Street Fair and the recent "Up Your Alley" event makes public nudity and sex commonplace in America's Sodom City.

-- From "Street festival condemned for public sex acts" © 2008 WorldNetDaily 9/29/08

The 2008 Folsom Street Fair sex festival has completed another run in U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco, and the local Chronicle newspaper described it this way: "There were naked people selling bondage gear and naked people seeking support for measures on the Nov. 4 ballot. There were naked people with cameras, taking pictures of other naked people. One man wore only an 11-foot Burmese python, which curled around his waist."

A number of Christian organizations, however, were led by Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth in condemning the scene on the city's public streets as depraved.

The festival, which celebrates deviant sex, including homosexual activities, has turned in recent years into a daylong showing of nudity and public sex acts with promotions of the unnatural and pornographic – all on the public streets of San Francisco with formal approval from Newsom.

. . . websites, to which WND is unable to link because of their graphic, XXX-rated content, published explicit photographs of various public acts of sex and nudity. The sites documented the festival's inclusion of oral and anal sex between men and men urinating on each other for pleasure.

Linda Harvey of Mission America described the event as a "massive pagan pansexual street party, complete with instances of full nudity, homosexuality, and crowds gathered around people being whipped for sado-masochistic pleasure."

"How Mayor Newsom and Nancy Pelosi can allow this in the city they represent is beyond all understanding," she said. "It truly seemed like the beginning of the end of civilization."

"It's outrageous that this is happening in the streets of a major city," she said. "Police stood by and did nothing to stop the nudity and of course, did nothing to prevent these whippings."

Liberty Counsel issued a statement calling for enforcement of the state's decency laws.

"During this event, fully nude men walk the public streets engaging [in] some of the vilest acts in broad daylight. Some parents even bring their children!" the group said.

"History has shown that California is a very influential state. If this illegal activity is not stopped, this debauchery may soon come to a town near you," Liberty Counsel said.

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