Saturday, June 07, 2008

Once Marriage is Re-defined, Chaos Ensues

A Californian family has unveiled the latest version of family life - a marriage of four.

-- From "Four better or four worse for marriage of four" posted at the Telegraph 06/06/2008

Tony, 48, Kaye, 48, Kevin, 40, and Sandi, 40, who live in San Jose, signed legal documents to give them similar status to actual spouses.

The foursome practice polyamory - the belief people can love several partners at once with everyone's blessing.

. . . Sandi fell pregnant with Tony's baby and all four changed their surname to his name, 'Luck'.

After Sandi gave birth to their daughter, Ruth, Kaye and Sandi fell in love, and later Kaye and Kevin, a student and former ballet dancer, became sexual partners too.

They bought a house together and share one bedroom allowing them to have sexual relationships with each other.

All four parents were present when Ruth was born and have signed papers making them equal guardians.

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