Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Consequences of Cowardice in Maine

Pro-family Maine group forced to drop its push to preserve traditional marriage.

From Maine Group Drops Anti-gay Rights Push by Glenn Adams, posted 6/19/08 at Boston.com

AUGUSTA, Maine—An initiative campaign to repeal Maine's gay rights law and put in place roadblocks to gay marriages and adoptions is being abandoned, leaders of the campaign said Thursday.

"We're pulling the plug," said Michael Heath, executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine.

Heath said the evangelical group failed to attract voter, volunteer and financial support it needed to continue its campaign.

The group collected only a third of the 15,000 voters' signatures it had set as a goal for primary election day June 10, said Heath. He added said that potential volunteers "don't want to be aligned with bigotry and homophobia and hatred," tags their opponents had applied to the initiative backers.

EqualityMaine, which had placed volunteers at the polls June 10 to discourage voters to sign the initiative ballots, welcomed Thursday's decision.

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I can identify with the concerns of these citizens. I experience the same fears myself. Who wants to be called ugly names and thought of as a bigot? On the other hand, according to the definition of homosexual activists, apparently God Himself is a 'homophobic bigot'...

Americans are, in effect, accepting the tyranny of a tiny, deceived minority of people, desperate for validation of a behavior that even they know, in the deepest part of their minds and hearts, is wrong. This is obvious because if they were truly sure what they were doing was right they wouldn't be so desperate to force others to confirm it...

Because America is no longer the "home of the brave" she won't be the "land of the free" much longer...