Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pro-Lifers Campaign Against Pill-Induced Abortions

"The [Griswold vs. Connecticut Supreme Court] decision ... set the stage for (legal) abortion in the United States because it found the right to privacy in sexual matters."

-- From "Pro-Lifers Campaign Against Pill-Induced Abortions" by Penny Starr, Senior Staff Writer 6/6/08

Washington ( - On the eve of the anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that said prohibiting women access to birth control violated "marital privacy," the American Life League (ALL) is launching a new campaign to educate women about how birth control pills and other products can cause chemically induced abortion by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus lining.

Jim Sedlak, vice president of ALL, a Roman Catholic pro-life non-profit, announced the "Protest the Pill Day '08: The Pill Kills Babies" campaign at a press conference at the National Press Club on Friday.

"We find that when we talk to women who are on the birth control pill that they have no idea that this can happen," Sedlak said. "Distributors of the pill, particularly Planned Parenthood -- and those are the customers we have the most contact with -- are simply told they won't get pregnant."

"They don't know about the fact that a human being can be created and five-to-seven days later die because the action of the pill will not allow it to implant in the womb," he said.

Sedlak was joined at the conference by Dr. Marie Anderson, an OBGYN who does not prescribe contraceptives but promotes natural family planning at the Tepeyac Family Center in Fairfax, Va.

"Women deserve to be told the truth about the abortifacient (abortion-inducing) mechanism of the pill," Anderson said.

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