Saturday, March 08, 2008

Disney CEO Defends Nudity and Profanity on Public Airwaves

From "Disney CEO Defends Nudity and Profanity on the Public Airwaves" press release, 3/6/08

At the Walt Disney Shareholders meeting today, the Parents Television Council™ President Tim Winter requested that the company reconsider its lawsuits against the federal government that assert a “right” to air unedited profanity and nudity on its broadcast network – even in front of children. Disney President and CEO Robert Iger thanked Mr. Winter for his comments but defended the company’s decisions by saying that they do not want the government interfering in what they can broadcast.

“Joining a federal lawsuit that asserts a right to use the ‘F-word’ on broadcast television at any time of the day – even in front of children – is a contemptible step for a company named ‘Walt Disney’ to take. Yet when an actress recently used the ‘F-word’ during a live interview on Good Morning America, that was the course of action ABC chose, instead of offering a commitment to make sure it didn’t happen again. I ask that you reconsider suing for the right to air the ‘F-word’ in front of children on the public airwaves,” said Mr. Winter during the meeting.

“When the FCC recently imposed a fine on ABC for airing a scripted primetime drama with a fully-nude woman, this corporation defended the nudity and initiated a legal action against the FCC. Can you imagine Walt Disney airing a naked woman on primetime television, and then suing the FCC when it found the nudity to violate broadcast indecency laws? I urge this company to admit the wrongdoing, and promise not to do it again.

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